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Art in the Mallee

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

An area previously known for farming is gathering momentum as a growing art region.

The Mallee is a semi-arid region of Victoria with an industry dominated by agriculture. Tourism outside the regional centres of Swan Hill and Mildura used to be unheard of but has begun to pop up in little pockets of the area through art and the natural beauty of the area beginning to be discovered and recognised. Here's some of the places to see and ways people are creating and viewing art in the mallee.

Photo by Philip Down


Murals are becoming increasingly common and easy to find in the mallee with many on the sides of buildings in towns like Sea Lake, Woomelang and Beulah. The real star of the show when it comes to mallee murals however, is the silo art trail.

Silo Art Trail

The Wimmera Mallee Silo Art Trail is now made up of 13 silos spanning 13 towns and over 200 kilometers. These huge murals have been painted on decommissioned silos by widely renowned Australian and international street artists. The trail has been pivotal in the recent growth of the tourism industry in the region.

Photo by Aaron Stanley

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The mallee is also rapidly becoming a mecca for photographers with both amateurs and professionals alike travelling from near and far to create their art.


With over 300 species of Australian native birds, birdwatchers and wildlife photographers are being drawn to the mallee. The Victorian mallee is home to the largest remaining population of Malleefowl making the region even more special for bird enthusiasts. There’s plenty of beautiful native reptiles and mammals in the area too including bearded dragons, legless lizards, the common dunnart and Mitchel’s hopping mouse.

Photo by Aaron Stanley

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Salt Lakes

Salt lakes are unique, ever-changing landscapes that create fantastic opportunities for photographers. Vibrant, varying colours, crystal-clear reflections and clear open skies create endless possibilities for capturing spectacular images. The largest of these lakes is Lake Tyrrell located just outside Sea Lake and has a surface area of over 200 square kilometres.

Photo by Jarrod Styles

Skymirror Gallery

Skymirror Gallery Café in Sea Lake is a photo gallery with a specific focus on Lake Tyrrell and its surrounds. The images in the gallery showcase the wide variety of art that photographers from across the country have come to capture.

The gallery has free entry, contains a café with great coffee and a rapidly expanding food menu and is open 7 days a week.

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