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Aaron Stanley

Born and raised in Melbourne, Aaron has travelled the world extensively. 

He specialises in landscape photography, with a particular interest in severe weather and wildlife photography. Having spent 13 months living and working in Antarctica with the Bureau of Meteorology, this has pushed Aaron's photography to the extremes. He has dedicated over 3 months to storm chasing in "tornado alley" in the USA, capturing many picturesque landscapes along the way, as well as expedition cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic circles. 


Aaron's photography studies have opened his eyes to many new techniques and have really slowed down his photography style. His previous career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (avionics) has honed his eye for attention to detail. 


Producing unique images, Aaron utilises a tilt-shift lens to create large format panoramic images. Aaron really enjoys capturing the beauty of Lake Tyrrell and surrounds because of the endless opportunities it presents to indulge in his specialist areas of photography.

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