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Your Travel Guide for Sea Lake and its Surrounds

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The Mallee is a vast and unique landscape located in Victoria’s north west. Sea Lake, one of the many small towns in the region is located about 350kms form Melbourne but is definitely worth the drive. Located in and around the town are many great places to see. Here’s my top 5.

Photo by Rohan Mott

5. Green Lake Regional Park

Located about a 20 minute drive from Sea Lake, Green Lake is a beautiful, secluded area in the mallee bush. The lake is surrounded by soft sandy beaches, bushwalking trails and picnic and barbeque areas. The lake itself is suitable for both swimming and boating and is a great spot for families.

4. Wyperfeld National Park

A bit further away (a little over an hour’s drive) you’ll find our closest national park. Wyperfeld is one of Victoria’s largest national parks and is home to some rare and wonderful flora and fauna. If you’re lucky, you may even see a Malleefowl or one of their impressive nests.

While you explore Wyperfeld, head over to Snowdrift camping and picnic area to see some spectacular sand dunes!

3. Silo Art trail

The Wimmera Mallee Silo Art trail is a collection of 8 silos across 8 small towns, including one in Sea Lake, that form a trail over 200 kilometers in length. On these silos are huge murals painted by widely renowned Australian and international street artists. As the trail has grown, it has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction as people come from far and wide to view these spectacular artworks.

Photo by Aaron Stanley

2. Skymirror Gallery

Whether you're spending a lot of time in the area or just passing through, our photo gallery in Sea Lake is a must-see. We showcase some amazing photos from the area with Lake Tyrrell as our main focus. Despite all the photos being from the same area, there is incredible diversity in these shots. The lake is a very unique landscape that is constantly changing. Photographers come from far and wide to capture the stunning images we display.

We also have a café in-house and serve great coffee for you to enjoy as you admire the art.

1. Lake Tyrrell

Lake Tyrrell is the largest salt lake in Victoria and our biggest tourist attraction in the area. Tourism at Lake Tyrrell took off when photos of its mirror-like reflections were shared on Chinese social media platforms. Since then, more and more people have discovered this stunning (and extremely photogenic) place.

If you decide to stay in Sea Lake, the lake is less than 10 minutes out of town so you can go out many times throughout the day and experience the feeling of being surrounded by the stars when you go out at night.

Photos by Anne Morley

So whether you’re looking to explore the Mallee or just passing through the area, remember to check out some of these great places around Sea Lake

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