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The Silo Art Trail Boosting Tourism in the Wimmera Mallee Region

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Photos by Anne Morley

Victoria's Silo Art trail in the Wimmera Mallee region is a collection of 8 silos across 8 small towns that form a trail over 200 kilometers in length. On these silos are huge murals painted by widely renowned Australian and international street artists. As the trail has grown, it has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction providing much needed support for the small rural communities in which the silos are situated.

Photo by Anne Morley

In 2016, the artwork on the Brim silo was painted and it gathered a large amount of media attention for the community and brought an influx of visitors to the region. After its success, the idea for an art trail was conceived and more artworks began across the region. Since the original work in Brim, seven more silos have been painted in the area, Sea Lake being the most recent addition, forming the trail that now spans more than 200 kilometers.

Photo by Anne Morley

The murals all celebrate the local history, primarily the agricultural history of the region with multiple artworks being huge portraits portraits of local farmers. The Sheep Hills work celebrates the Indigenous history and culture of the area and the Sea Lake silo celebrates Lake Tyrrell; Victoria's largest inland salt lake located a few minutes out of town that has also played a huge role in fueling the region's tourism industry in recent years.

Photo by Anne Morley

The Silo Art Trail can be explored as a day trip or better yet across multiple days ensuring you have plenty of time to view all the artworks for as long as you want in adequate daylight and possibly fit in an evening at Lake Tyrrell too. Visit for full descriptions of each mural and other useful information for planning your trip.

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