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How did we get our name?

The inspiration for the business name Skymirror Australia came from the description of Lake Tyrrell given by the mostly asian tourists flocking to see the mirror reflections on the lake. Rohan and Jacqui opened the business in 2018 offering accommodation and lake tyrrell prints for sale.

Mallee Tourism has grown significantly.

Today, tourism in our region has grown with interest in Lake Tyrrell as well as the expanded and immensely popular silo art trail. These and other attractions in the mallee region including Wyperfield National Park have been the impetus for increased visitors travelling to the Mallee.

Unique holiday experience

As a result of increased tourism in the Mallee, Rohan and Jacqui decided to expand Skymirror in order to deliver a unique quality holiday experience. Their focus on the photographer market segment was driven by Photographers seeking unique subjects and a demand for honing their craft. Dan Colombo, a professional photographer, has assisted in the development of the gallery side of the business since its' inception and is now managing the gallery, delivering quality advice, printing and editing services and sales, as well as incredibly delicous artisan coffee by Ricci.

We now offer:

  • Printing services direct from the Gallery

  • Print sales

  • Reception check in and check out services fom the gallery between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm

  • Workspace hire, which includes epson projector, editing, printing, ample wall display area and more

  • Ricci Coffee

  • Local produce and more......

Rohan | Skymirror Australia

After completing secondary schooling at Sea Lake, Rohan was commissioned to sketch the school building and grounds as a gift to the outgoing Principal. 

From this came many requests to undertake various commissions ranging from portraits, graphic design, signwriting and murals. 

Most recently, Rohan has been photographing and promoting Lake Tyrrell on social media. He hopes the gallery will become another drawcard in attracting people to Sea Lake. "Hopefully, photographers and photography enthusiasts choose to stop and spend some time in Sea Lake to capture some of the unique and diverse landscape, and in particular Lake Tyrrell as a result of our efforts".

Jacqui | Skymirror Australia

Jacqui moved to Sea Lake in 1996 to take up a position teaching at Tyrrell College. She is not only passionate about teaching but also the wellbeing of the community in which she lives. 

Jacqui and Rohan purchased a property in Sea Lake to provide accommodation and also showcase some of the many photographers' works who visit the Lake each year. 


Jacqui saw it important to renovate the original bank building and maintain the Sea Lake Book Exchange as a tenant to continue to serve our local community which raises funds for local projects from its' profits. 


Jacqui has designed the accommodation renovations and refurbishments to create a stunning and relaxing atmosphere for guests during their stay in our guest house. Jacqui believes a holiday experience should be enjoyable and memorable and has set a standard to exceed the expectation of our guests


Lake Tyrrell is situated in the heart of the Victorian Mallee, 7km north of the township of Sea Lake and 314km north west of Melbourne. The largest inland salt lake in Victoria is an attraction for tourists from all over the world, drawn to the mesmerising scenery, stunning sunrises and sunsets and breathtaking night skies.


The endless skies of Lake Tyrrell provide a beautiful backdrop to the unique salt formation on the lake bed. Enjoy the stillness and quiet of the unique environment.


The word “Tyrrell” derives from the Aboriginal word “Tyrille” meaning SKY or SPACE- both of which are in ample supply at Lake Tyrrell. During wet and warm periods, Lake Tyrrell turns pink from the red pigment secreted by the pink micro-algae red marine phytoplankton.

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