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New Infrastructure at Lake Tyrrell Viewing Platform

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Lake Tyrrell is Victoria's largest salt lake at over 20000 hectares. It is located just a few kilometers north of the small township of Sea Lake and has fueled a tourism boom in the area from the mid 2010s. The lake is a vast, flat space that can produce perfect mirror images under the right conditions making it quite unique and an amazing photo opportunity, attracting aspiring photographers from around the world.

Photo by Anne Morley

As the number of visitors increased, so did the need for information and facilities at the lake with tourists driving out onto the lake bed and getting severely bogged and littering in the fragile landscape.

Photos by Anne Morley

A local community group successfully received government funding to protect the lake and, in 2019, the Buloke Shire and Thomson Hay Landscape Architects began works on the Lake Tyrrell Infrastructure Development Project which wrapped up at the end of last year. The new infrastructure includes: two new carparks; a new viewing platform; paths; boardwalks; and a sky lounge at the end of Baileys road.

Photos by Anne Morley

Come visit Lake Tyrrell to see the new infrastructure for yourself!

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