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Salt lake provides stunning visuals for new song.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Lake Tyrrell and Julia Lostrom combine to create beautiful new music video "Walls".

In addition to being an international Photographic destination, Australia's Lake Tyrrell is fast becoming a hot filming location as well. Skymirror Australia was fortunate to host Melbourne's soulful Indie pop singer Julia Lostrom at our Skymirror Villa for the filming of her new single "Walls".

Photo courtesy of Julia Lostrom

In her recent interview with Australian music and pop culture website Cool Accidents, Julia shares her fascination and appreciation of the mesmerising Lake Tyrrell landscape. Her video was filmed exclusively at Lake Tyrrell in North West Victoria and showcases the beauty and serenity of this amazing place.

Photo courtesy of Julia Lostrom

Lake Tyrrell is an idyllic landscape which combines with Julia's smooth vocals and soulful song beautifully and we wish her all the best with the new track. Check out her new single below:

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