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Ken Spence

Ken’s passion for photography has many dimensions.  
He cut his professional photographic teeth taking photos for a Melbourne based hot air balloon operator, which subsequently led to numerous hot air balloon assignments in Bagan Myanmar and the Atacama Desert in Chile. That in term introduced him to photographing for high-end lodges in remote locations in Bhutan and Mongolia, well at least in the pre-covid era. His photos have appeared in a number of international newspapers and other publications, and he regularly contributes articles to Better Photography Magazine. 
Some years ago, returning from a photographic adventure in a very small plane to Lake Eyre, they flew over Lake Tyrrell and Ken immediately knew that this was a very special place (and far easier to get to than Lake Eyre). He has visited Lake Tyrrell a number of times since. He finds the pre-dawn and post-sunset vistas awe-inspiring and at other times he is amazed what stunning sights he can find with his drone.  
As well as landscape/tourist related projects, Ken is very active with philanthropic photography in Melbourne and, as an example, is extensively involved in hospital related photography as a volunteer with  .
His website is 

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