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Alex Coppel

Before any formal education in the art form Alex’s love of photography drove him to travel the world.  After travelling for no less than seven years and building up a strong portfolio, he eventually enrolled at RMIT to take the profession further.

Alex works as a staff photographer for the Herald Sun, a News Corp publication in Melbourne, Australia, now for over 20 years. Working as a press photographer has allowed him to develop a wide variety of skills over multiple disciplines.  Photography is not only his profession; it’s also his hobby.

During his employment at News Corp Alex has covered major news events including, but not limited to, two tsunamis disasters, bushfires too numerous to mention, two Olympic Games events, two Commonwealth Games events, and a multitude of major events in Melbourne and nationally for the company.

Alex was sent to Mildura on a photographic assignment in mid August 2020, and decided to break up the journey along the way. It felt right to support local communities in the midst of the pandemic lockdowns, that seemed to cripple regional tourism.

He’d heard surprisingly little about Lake Tyrrell and had always wanted to get up there, knowing it would prove to be a photographers dream location. He looked extensively through google earth satellite imagery for the interesting regions around the lake, knowing that water levels would allow for differing results of aerial photography with his drone. Alex was ecstatic to have witnessed such amazing scenery, and revisited four times over the course of two days to create these images.

He could have spent a week revisiting the lake and it’s regions but had to keep moving!

Alex’s love affair with travel and photography continues to this day and sees no sign of ceasing.

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