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Timothy Moon

Tim studied Architecture at Sydney University, later setting up his own Architectural Practice. During  his Architectural Studies he had the opportunity through the "Tin Shed” workshop programs to learn how to develop and print his own black and white film photographs. 


Through Tim's Architectural career, he saw the camera as a device to record information rather than a device to create works of art.He relied on  his old school sketching and drawing skills to capture landscapes, and study the world around him. 


It wasn’t until Tim's wife discovered landscape photography a few years ago,  that his interest in Landscape Photography as an art form was ignited.  Things of course had moved on since the darkroom days, and it is now the digital age with editing software.


Capturing, refining and distilling the essence of place was something Tim aimed for in his Architectural work. It seems his approach is one he can continue with his photography. The challenge of seeing with fresh eyes is one he enjoys. 

Tim's landscape painting and drawing is now done with a camera and a drone. 


Awards and Exhibitions

  • Australian Photography Magazine Awards 2017: Photograph of The Year Award

  • Siena International Photo Awards 2018: Honorable Mention in the Beauty of Nature Category, Commended in the Drone Awards Sport Category

  • Exhibited at Gaffa Gallery with Wanderlust Imagery

  • Focus Awards 2018: Photographer of the year

  • Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year 2018: Winner of the Classic Landscape Category

  • Proify International Awards 2018: Honorable Mention  and overall third place

  • Australian Photography Magazine Awards 2018: Runner up in the Photographer of The Year Landscape Photography 

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