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Robin Moon

Robin’s unbridled love affair with her camera began in 2015, while working in Tasmania. The night skies were alive with the Aurora Australis and she discovered an iPhone just couldn't cut it. 


She walked into a camera store and came out with a set of toys that would change her life. Later that night, as the aurora danced and spun in the dark night sky, she pointed, clicked… and squealed. Her screen was alive with colour and magical shapes that in essence she had made by controlling the technology, timing, composition and exposure. It was a delightful new world of artistic expression and she was hooked. 


Grasping the technological challenges that manual camera settings and digital editing require is part of the photographer’s journey, and Robin recognises those challenges contribute to the story of her work. 


Whilst Robin thinks her ‘style’ is still to be determined there are consistent elements to be found.  A love of the soft, quiet pre-dawn light will draw her to Sydney’s beaches most weekends.  By the time you are waking, she’s shot the sunrise, found good coffee and returned home  knowing it was easily the best time of the day. The Milky Way and Aurora will bring her out into the cool velvety dark of night and she has often sat out all night enjoying the astro displays. All her travel is aimed at chasing the elements that contribute to great landscape photography. 


Capturing the light and landscape at Lake Tyrrell was something she had been wanting to do for quite some time. A cross country trip from Sydney to Kangaroo Island provided that opportunity in May this year. 


In April 2018 Robin was a finalist in the nature category of the Sony Alpha Australia awards with her photo of a Eurasian Lynx. 


In September 2018 Robin contributed to a successful exhibition by Wanderlust Imagery at Gaffa Galleries in Sydney. 


The Better Photography Photo of the Year Awards 2018 saw Robin receive a Gold Award for one of her images in the Landscape Category. 

Robin is a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate. 

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