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This photo is a great talking point with great symmetry from the cloud formation and drying salt. It perfectly captures the lakes' transition from winter to summer. As the temperatures warm the water the algae blooms create the pink appearance of the lake. As the summer encroaches the lake dries out and turns white.


Philip Down was born and raised on a wheat and sheep farm at Speed in the heart of the Victorian Mallee where he still lives with his family.
Being a farmer whose life and business is dictated by the weather, he has an inherent understanding of the landscape around him, formations of the sky, colours of the seasons and subtle beauty in a somewhat harsh environment. This shapes him and his images.


Rural life and Mallee landscapes are his fascination with the big skies and open spaces of constant appeal.


Living and working while constantly observing, defines Philip’s photography.

PD0418031 - Philip Down

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