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Meet our latest Photographer in Residence: Nilmini De Silva!

Skymirror is excited to have acclaimed and talented photographer, Nilmini De Silva joining us as photographer in residence for the next month (26/4-26/5). She will be building on her already stunning body of work photographing Lake Tyrrell and surrounds. Please call in to meet her and see her amazing work. She will be happy to share her knowledge about photography and Lake Tyrrell.

Keep reading if you would like to learn more about Nilmini and her work.

Nilmini is a Civil Engineer, who specialised in Water Management, reflecting her deep concern for conservation and regeneration of our natural environment. She draws her inspiration from the natural environment, places that are off the beaten track and from the sense of freedom she finds in the people she meets. She creates her images by combining her passion for writing & documenting, with her sense of adventure and insatiable curiosity. Nilmini discovered her passion for photography in 2010 when she spent a month volunteering in South Africa on a Conservation & Photography project during a sabbatical to travel solo for a year. 


Nilmini is a ‘Grand Master’ of the Australian Photography Society (APS) and a national and international award-winning photographer. She has also obtained honours from both the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and Federation of Photographic Artist (FIAP).  


Born in Sri Lanka, Nilmini now calls Australia home, after spending 9-years living in California and a year in South Korea. She has since lived, worked, and spent time on all 7 continents and finds it has given her a unique ability to connect with places and people of all cultures. 


Photography is Nil’s happy place, her bliss. It is the medium through which she expresses herself and raises awareness about the issues she cares about. In 2014 she authored ‘Fate or Destiny, Living Life with Passion’, a book of stories and images that aim to inspire people to make conscious choices in life. Nil has launched a number of solo & collaborative photographic exhibitions including an exhibition at the HeadOn 2015 Photo Festival in conjunction with Hornsby Shire Council. 

Her curiosity to explore a genre she had not tried before brought her to aerial abstracts during the Covid lockdowns and it is fast becoming that place where she is crafting her own style. Nil finds that photographing the landscape from an aerial perspective is quite other-worldly and helps her create unique images. 


Information about her exhibitions and awards can be found on her website Narratives4Change ( 


You can follow her on Instagram: nilmini_de_silva_photography 

Nilmini's current work exhibited with us is already available on our website. Click here to see her prints currently available for purchase.


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