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Gill Fry

Gill has been taking photos since she was about 6 or 7. Her dad was an avid photographer as was his grandfather, Harry Ord Thompson, who was a famous photographer in Northumberland, UK. Gill's son David (DFPAD) is also a photographer so  it must be in the blood.

Gill remembers taking that first photo with her dad's special camera. It was a photo of her parents at Malmsbury Reservoir. She often used to go out on photography shoots with her dad. It was all film of course back in those days so processing was not cheap.

Gill only really got into professional photography in 2014. She came to the realization that she wanted her job to be something she loved doing. Gill now offers workshops, tours and training sessions - especially in night photography and just loves it when someone takes their first shot of the stars and goes "Wow!"

It was through Gill's interest in star photography that she learnt about Aurora Australis. She wonders why she had never heard about it before. It is just truly amazing! Those colours in the night sky!

Gill's Aurora Australis hunting led her to a desire to see Aurora Borealis. So Ian and Gill planned a trip to Scandinavia in 2015 to capture the "northern lights". Her dad was then 95. She told him she was going to take a picture of the northern lights for him. He replied "Don't just take one!"


Unfortunately her dad never got to see her photos of the northern lights as he passed away before they went on their trip. They did see the most amazing displays of the aurora and who knows...maybe he had a hand in that. She likes to think he got to see it too. And she didn't take just one photo. She took hundreds. She dedicate them all to him.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day (APOD) Jan 2 2016

  • Australian Photography Magazine - Reach for the Stars feature - October 2018

  • Solo Exhibition - Colours in the night sky - April 2017, HIRL Gallery

  • FOCUS Competition - April 2017. Long Exposure. 3 Bronze Awards

  • FOCUS Competition - June 2017. Sunrise/sunset 4 Bronze Awards

  • Australian Photography Magazine - September 2017 Wilde

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