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Eamon Wyss

Eamon Wyss is a Melbourne based fine art drone photographer with a deep fascination for the ephemeral nature of Victorian salt lakes.


As a lifelong multi-disciplinary artist, he has designed interactive festivals, became a user-experience designer and made experimental video art. Now, in his preferred form of self-expression, he has developed a distinct creative style in which he frames natural landscapes to emulate abstract paintings without manipulating his photographs from their original colour and form. Instead, he pays meticulous attention to detail while composing his works from the air, seeking out ‘stories’ formed naturally in the shapes and colours of salt lakes.


The main inspiration for Eamons' work comes from Aboriginal dot paintings he encountered in the Australian desert as a boy, which use both topographical and symbolic communication of the landscape to tell a story. He has held four successful solo exhibitions throughout Victoria, and his work can be found in private collections around the world.

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