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Following a thirty-year career as a practicing architect, Anne is now pursuing her love of photography and working freelance for a variety of publications and organisations.


She loves rural Australia's towns and landscapes and says she could spend more than one lifetime travelling and photographing those hidden gems not found in any tourism brochures.  Documenting these places has become somewhat of an obsession for her, and she is currently researching and photographing a specific rural building type for exhibition and later publication in a book.  The resultant images demonstrate her love for these places whilst her unique viewpoint creates images that truly capture the imagination. 


The daughter of a Mallee boy, Anne enjoys the region's wide landscapes, vast skies, and small-town community spirit.

In addition to her first love, landscape photography, Anne specialises in travel/tourism, automotive, sports and, not surprisingly, architecture photography.


Robert is a Landscape photographer based on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsular of South Australia and travels around Australia mainly in the southern winter months capturing the many moods of the "Wide Brown Land".

He uses a Canon 5D MK1V plus Canon EF lens's from 16~ 400mm, and edits with Lightroom and Adobe CC 2018. As well as producing quality prints he offers camera use and editing tuition plus field trips on the Fleurieu Peninsular.

The works of the late Tasmanian Peter Dombrovskis and also Peter Eastway have influenced his own style of photography.



Philip was born and raised on a wheat and sheep farm at Speed in the heart of the Victorian Mallee where he still lives with his family.

Being a farmer whose life and business is dictated by the weather, he has an inherent understanding of the landscape around him, formations of the sky, colours of the seasons and subtle beauty in a somewhat harsh environment. This shapes him and his images.

Rural life and Mallee landscapes are his fascination with the big skies and open spaces of constant appeal.

Living and working while constantly observing, defines Philip’s photography.


Robert Pointon is a road inspector from Melbourne and has enjoyed photography from a young age. He enjoyed the challenge of processing film and exhibiting work. Digital aerial photography is relatively new for him.


He uses a DJI Mavick Pro and takes advantage of locations his work takes him to pursue his photography.


Daniel grew up on the out skirts of Swan Hill and at the age of 17 went off to Melbourne to pursue a career in Photography, in that time he completed an Honours Degree in Fine Art Photography from RMIT studying under some of the best lectures in the country.


Daniel has worked in the field of fine art and commercial photography for the past 15 years and on his return to Swan Hill has developed Mallee Photographic Services, with a focus on fine art printing restoration and archiving. 


Rohan is a local farmer with an interest in art and photography and is the owner of Skymirror Photo Gallery. After completing secondary schooling at Sea Lake, Rohan’s artistic skills led to many requests to undertake various commissions in a number of different media ranging from portraits, graphic design, signwriting and murals.

Photography is a recent pursuit for him, originally driven by the desire to promote Lake Tyrrell both nationally and internationally. The striking colours and use of light is reflective of his background and experience in art.


Gill has been taking photos since she was about 6 or 7. Her dad was an avid photographer as was his grandfather, Harry Ord Thompson, who was a famous photographer in Northumberland, UK. Gill's son David (DFPAD) is also a photographer so  it must be in the blood.

Gill remembers taking that first photo with her dad's special camera. It was a photo of her parents at Malmsbury Reservoir. She often used to go out on photography shoots with her dad. It was all film of course back in those days so processing was not cheap.

Gill only really got into professional photography in 2014. She came to the realization that she wanted her job to be something she loved doing. Gill now offers workshops, tours and training sessions - especially in night photography and just loves it when someone takes their first shot of the stars and goes "Wow!"

It was through Gill's interest in star photography that she learnt about Aurora Australis. She wonders why she had never heard about it before. It is just truly amazing! Those colours in the night sky!

Gill's Aurora Australis hunting led her to a desire to see Aurora Borealis. So Ian and Gill planned a trip to Scandinavia in 2015 to capture the "northern lights".

Her dad was then 95. She told him she was going to take a picture of the northern lights for him. He replied "Don't just take one!" Unfortunately her dad never got to see her photos of the northern lights as he passed away before they went on their trip. They did see the most amazing displays of the aurora and who knows...maybe he had a hand in that. She likes to think he got to see it too. And she didn't take just one photo. She took hundreds. She dedicate them all to him.

Awards and Exhibitions

  • NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day (APOD) Jan 2 2016

  • Australian Photography Magazine - Reach for the Stars feature - October 2018

  • Solo Exhibition - Colours in the night sky - April 2017, HIRL Gallery

  • FOCUS Competition - April 2017. Long Exposure. 3 Bronze Awards

  • FOCUS Competition - June 2017. Sunrise/sunset 4 Bronze Awards

  • Australian Photography Magazine - September 2017 Wilderness Photo Competition, Finalist.

Exhibition - October 2017 Off the Rails


Karan arrived in Australia 17 years ago but only picked up a camera about 3 years ago. His first and primary passion is landscapes with a fair amount of Astrophotography thrown in for good measure. Growing up in a city and currently living in Sydney with his family, he has always been fascinated with venturing out into the bush to capture the raw beauty out there. 


Aaron has always had an underlying passion and eye for a mix of art, scenery, nature and people.

Photography became an accidental hobby in early 2016 and quickly grew into a huge passion.

Early work was all landscapes inspired by magnificent mallee sunsets and, with a love of the night sky and wide open spaces, quickly moved to landscapes in general and then nightscapes.

People became subjects through friends asking and that also grew along with the camera gear collection.

He is now becoming a regular for family portraits and weddings . Aaron has won various awards for landscape images and likes to push the boundaries as far as content and editing

definitely not following any rules or pre conceptions…  

Now armed with a wide arsenal of gear, ideas and skills, Aaron is ready to shoot whatever is in front of him.  He is always switched on and looking for the special angle to set the image aside from the norm.


Tim studied Architecture at Sydney University, later setting up his own Architectural Practice. During  his Architectural Studies he had the opportunity through the
“Tin Shed” workshop programs to learn how to develop and print his own

black and white film photographs. 


Through Tim's Architectural career, he saw the camera as a device to record information

rather than a device to create works of art.HeI relied on  his old school sketching

and drawing skills to capture landscapes, and study the world around him. 


It wasn’t until Tim's wife discovered landscape photography a few years ago,  that his interest in Landscape Photography as an art form was ignited.  Things of course had moved on since the darkroom days, and it is now the digital age with editing software.


Capturing, refining and distilling the essence of place was something Tim aimed for  
in his Architectural work. It seems this approach is one he can continue with his photography. The challenge of seeing with fresh eyes is one he enjoys. 

Tim's landscape painting and drawing is now done with a camera and a drone. 


Awards and Exhibitions

  • Australian Photography Magazine Awards 2017: Photograph of The Year Award

  • Siena International Photo Awards 2018: Honorable Mention in the Beauty of Nature Category, Commended in the Drone Awards Sport Category

  • Exhibited at Gaffa Gallery with Wanderlust Imagery

  • Focus Awards 2018: Photographer of the year

  • Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year 2018: Winner of the Classic Landscape Category

  • Proify International Awards 2018: Honorable Mention  and overall third place

  • Australian Photography Magazine Awards 2018: Runner up in the Photographer of The Year Landscape Photography 


Robin’s unbridled love affair with her camera began in 2015, while working in Tasmania.  
The night skies were alive with the Aurora Australis and she discovered an iPhone just couldn't cut it. 

She walked into a camera store and came out with a set of toys that would change her life. Later that night, as the aurora danced and spun in the dark night sky, she pointed, clicked… and squealed. Her screen was alive with colour and magical shapes that in essence 

she had made by controlling the technology, timing, composition and exposure.

It was a delightful new world of artistic expression and she was hooked. 

Grasping the technological challenges that manual camera settings 

and digital editing require is part of the photographer’s journey,

and Robin recognises those challenges contribute to the story of her work. 

Whilst Robin thinks her ‘style’ is still to be determined there are consistent elements

to be found.  A love of the soft, quiet pre-dawn light will draw her to Sydney’s beaches

most weekends.  By the time you are waking, she’s shot the sunrise, found good coffee

and returned home  knowing it was easily the best time of the day. 

The Milky Way and Aurora will bring her out into the cool velvety dark of night

and she has often sat out all night enjoying the astro displays.  

All her travel is aimed at chasing the elements that contribute to

great landscape photography. 

Capturing the light and landscape at Lake Tyrrell was something she had been  
wanting to do for quite some time. A cross country trip from Sydney to Kangaroo Island  
provided that opportunity in May this year. 

In April 2018 Robin was a finalist in the nature category of the

Sony Alpha Australia awards with her photo of a Eurasian Lynx. 

In September 2018 Robin contributed to a successful exhibition
by Wanderlust Imagery at Gaffa Galleries in Sydney. 

The Better Photography Photo of the Year Awards 2018 saw Robin receive a Gold Award

for one of her images in the Landscape Category. 

Robin is a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate. 


Stewart's inception to aerial photography was through a drone. He saw some rock pools on Sydney's northern beaches on social media. He was mesmerised at the angle in which the landscape had been captured.  Stewart was discovering photography all over. He could go back and re-discover old locations, discover new locations that you wouldn't consider photographing from a horizontal perspective. He began to scour through google earth and look for colours and patterns. He was obsessed! My work in this particular series “Lake Tyrell" explores the abstract patterns and shapes


Peter lives in Melbourne and since retiring from working in IT and electronic engineering, he now has the pleasure of pursuing his passion of photography and travel full time. 

Peters' main areas of interest are in landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and street photography and he occasionally dabbles in other areas when the opportunity arises. Another interest of Peters' is creative and fine art photography.

Peter has been prolific with his photography and since 2009 has entered many international photographic competitions and amassing over 2600 acceptances in salons around the world and picked up 195 awards including a number of Gold medals. Peters' images have been published in newspapers, magazines as well as many photographic catalogues.  You can view many of Peters' around the world travel and creative images on his website at: 

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